We manufacture to many countries of the world, especially Europe and the USA. Our number of employees and production capacity are increasing day by day. Currently, we are the solution partner of world-famous important brands with approximately 500 employees.

We manufacture for the biggest textile companies in the world and we partner with their success.



Who are we; As DOGKAR, we have been serving the leading brands of the world, especially European countries, and ready-made clothing companies since 2003 with our productions. We have created our professional staff with our innovative, sustainable, quality-oriented and always producing better policies that we have followed since the day we were founded.

Our Clients

In our “Istanbul MIRZA” and “Amasya MIRZA” factory, which we have established with our own capital, we produce various apparel weaving products as an approved manufacturer on behalf of the following brands. Brands and Companies we are Audited to Service include:

• Marks & Spencer

• Banana Republic

• H&M (COS, Trend)

• Calvin Klein

• Tommy Hilfiger

• Esprit

• Inditex group

• Gina Tricot

• Lindex Group

• Cecil

• Street One

• Mango

Our productions include “garments, blouses, trousers, jackets, coats, skirts, shirts, and similar” woven ready-to-wear products.

Our production lines are compatible with the flexible work platform for efficient production, taking into account our capacity and production steps. In addition to women’s clothing that we specialize in, we also produce “outerwear, daily wear, sportswear, military clothing and classic clothing suitable for business life in men’s and children’s ready-to-wear.


Our vision is to  achieve innovative, creative and high value-added, nature-friendly products and services with our European and US clients/partners  assuming the leading role in business with Dogkar; all the while, continue to be a respectable and resiliententity we have always been known as.


Our mission is line with this vision that working with the motto “You can make money, but the important thing is to win people” with the principle of reliable and stable high production capacity by providing high customer satisfaction.



Our experienced design team follows the latest world fabric, accessories and fashion trends and offers a privileged service that makes a difference with special collections created in line with our customers’ expectations and lines.  


While offering high quality products to our customers, we are determined to carry out social compliance, occupational health safety and environmental management activities in a sustainable manner at international standards.




Istanbul Factory

Amasya Factory

Human Resources

Core Values

Dogkar Textile aims to be the trusted and respected partner in providing the highest quality products and the most innovative designs working to respect all stakeholders including its highly qualified workforce.

Sustainable growth is achieved through universal standards upheld while satisfying business partners and customersalike supported by our most important asset, our esteemed workforce.

Remaining open with all communication channels, disciplined and highly respecting human rights and environment at least as much as our customers and socially conscious organizations in order to be well-meaning and open to criticism at all times.

Corporate Ethics

Dogkar Textile has a non-discrimination policy where no ethnicity, gender, beliefs or age will be the basis for selection and or working relations within employees or potential employees or with outside persons, service providers or customers. We confirm to abide by the said rules of non-discrimination and specifically with regard to rights of typically neglected in some surroundings, minorities, disabled individuals, women and children and abide by the workers’ rights as defined at the highest level, and similarly, child labor or forced labor standards and we shall uphold local laws and beyond in satisfaction of the highest level ethical standards and exceed the International Labor standards whereever and however we can.

Ethical Code of Conducts and Implementation Principles


      In order to meet the constantly changing needs of the industry; We set out to offer quality, reliable, timely and sustainable solutions focused on customer satisfaction by keeping up with the developing technology.

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